Presidents' Day Camp

Monday, February 17th

Camps are a great way to supplement your martial arts training and also a great way to introduce your friends to our school. Students learn new techniques and hone skills through martial arts games. We invite all our students and their friends to join us!

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Arnis Seminar


Saturday, February 1st

All ranks start at 10:00 am

Arnis Seminars, usually held the first Saturday of the month, allow us to focus on our second style of martial arts in a way that we don’t always get to during regular classes.  

Students are divided into groups of similar rank, and each group gets its own instructor so that students can focus on the requirements specific to their rank. We also get to explore more of the details and reality in these specialized seminars.

Arnis testing happens at the end of the seminar for any student who is ready and eligible.

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Breaking Seminar

Saturday, February 8th

We break boards to bring together the physical, technical and mental aspects of our martial arts training. Breaking seminars allow us the opportunity to learn how to effectively break boards (and sometimes other things) and to try out new breaking techniques. Note: All students will be required to attend a breaking seminar before their testing for their Advanced Brown Belt, and breaking is required at all black belt tests.

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