Arnis Seminar

Saturday, Novemer 6th

Starting at 10:00 for all students

Arnis Seminars, usually held the first Saturday of the month, allow us to focus on our second style of martial arts in a way that we don’t always get to during regular classes.  Students are divided into groups of similar rank, and each group gets its own instructor so that students can focus on the requirements specific to their rank. We also get to explore more of the details and reality in these specialized seminars.

Arnis testing happens at the end of the seminar for any student who is ready and eligible.

Currently we are planning in-studio seminars, so space will be limited. Registration forms are available here. 

Training at Home Raffle

Student enter a raffle by training at home while our school is closed. The winning student will receive their choice of Arnis weapon (value under $30). Below are the rules:

  • Initial each square as you complete an activity. Students under 18 should have a parent/guardian initial the square.

  • Students will earn one raffle ticket for each day they complete all seven of the Daily Activities.

  • Students can earn an additional raffle ticket if they complete all the Bonus Activities as well as the Daily Activities in a day.

  • Crunches (situps)/pushups for rank are as follows:

    • White – Green: 25 crunches/15 pushups

    • Adv Green – Brown: 50 crunches/35 pushups

    • Adv Brown and higher: 100 crunches/75 pushups


Note: crunches and pushups must be completed in a single day, but do not have to be done consecutively or in a single set.


Print Entry Checklist Here